This adapter let you use wideangle classic Contax rangefinder lenses and wideangle Nikon S lenses in your Leica M body, made from solid brass and chrome finish.

     This adapter not is rangefinder coupled and you must use the distance scale of the lens for to focus.

     The depth of field of a Biogon 21mm at f5.6 will focus from 1 meter to infinite and a Biogon 35mm at f:5.6 will focus from 2.5 meters to infinite so is easy use this lenses without rangefinder.

     All its component are CNC machined.



     Tested by me with Biogon 21mm, Biogon 35mm and Planar 35mm on Leica bodies M1, M2, M3 and M4.

      Other lenses could be used, please use google and search amedeo adapter compatibility for to have opinion from others users.

      Nikon S wideangle lenses can be used.

     Wideangle lenses as Biogon's and Planar's canīt be used on Leica M bodies than have lightmeter as M5, M6, M7 and M8, because the big rear part of these lenses are to big for these bodies. Please click over the picture or click here    [back]